ABOUT: Jayu Ministry


This is a Ministry to give Inner Healing to Korean Families under Domestic Violence & Abuse.

I started this Ministry because my whole life growing up since age 2, I have been raised in a family with Domestic Violence & Abuse being present.
You can read my testimony here:

Before I went to Kansas City to receive Ministry training at IHOPKC & YWAM KC,
I was also going through a lot with Domestic Violence & Abuse still occurring.
It left me feeling hopeless, depressed, suicidal thoughts, oppression, fear.
I seeked out Healing Ministries and Counselors throughout this process.

After I went to Kansas City at IHOPKC & YWAM KC. I learned so much from my mentors there who modeled to me what a Christ-Centered Family looks like, what a Dad to a Son looks like, and I’ve met so many people who shared the same testimonies of being in an Abusive Family home growing up.
I learned so much about the History of Korean Christian-Protestantism & The Korean Culture as I became part of the Korean Ministry at IHOPKC.

Now Moving back to the Northern Virginia area, I now understand why God called me back here.
Because there still was a need to Minister to my own family.
Although there is still Domestic Violence & Abuse still occurring even now as I am 32 years old.
It’s different now though because of the things I learned and been trained/equipped by God to show me how to not get offended if I am in a negative situation and keep persevering in the pursuit of Love for ministering to my family.
I understand it may be a little dangerous for me to be around my family because of the issues arising, but i know that I cannot give up and not let it affect me, but continue to keep Loving on them no matter what, just as our Lord Jesus has continued to Love me unconditionally.

Throughout my research, Molestation, Domestic Violence & Abuse is a norm in the Korean Culture, even today.
There are many articles today that show South Korea government does not take it seriously, because the Abuse has been part of the Korean Culture since the 16th Century.
And the Reason why No Koreans have even tried to resolve this issue is because the Korean Culture is a Shame-Based Culture, to Save Face and Keep everything hidden under the rug. To continue wearing Masks and ignore the underlying issues. These issues stems from Pride & Worldly Standards of Status Quo. The fact of the matter is there is no such thing as a Perfect Family. I have discovered this truth after getting to know many friends from all multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-socioeconomic backgrounds where drugs, dissension, abuse, and domestic violence is the issue.

I now understand why God has chosen me to step out and not stay silent any longer, because all my life I have been a very transparent, unashamed, and outspoken person.
Passivity is a Sin. Passivity is when you know that there is a problem occurring, but you don’t take action or say anything but keep it concealed. It can have dentrimental Long-Term affects psychologically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and behaviorally to you as a person.
Also every sin has consequences, and must be dealt with in order to help transition healing into the person who committed the sin aka crime.
If your dad is abusing you, but you stay quiet, you need to realize that Sin has consequences and it must be dealt with such as Reporting to Police. This is not to deliver Justice, because only Christ Jesus is the Advocate of Justice, this is to help transition HEALING to your dad, so that he can understand how wrong it is to abuse people.
In my research, Many many Korean Families have issues of Domestic Violence & Abuse occurring. I have met many many friends who have been abused by their Parents or Siblings, but yet nothing is still resolved about it.
I have spoken to my other biological relatives and mentors and accountability partners about this idea to start a Ministry, and they have given me their blessing and highly encouraged me to start the Ministry because knowing it will definitely make a huge impact and benefit the Korean community.
This Ministry is NOT about to create condemnation for the Abuser, or to find fault at them.
But to raise awareness of the issues and to bring psychological and spiritual understanding of the cause of the motives of abuse come from. Most of it comes from Occult influence & Generational Ties.
Once we understand the root of the problem, then we start learning the education of why Christ-centered Family is the way to freedom, and then we start raising awareness through strategic intercessory prayers.

This Ministry is to provide Equipping to Korean Christians to know how to handle it so that they know how to turn the cheek and minister to their own families.
People may say “Wow Aram you are so strong to endure it”. But that has nothing to do with it.
It’s about how much am I willing to Surrender and depend on Jesus no matter the circumstance.
Because I know TRUE FREEDOM & LOVE comes from Christ Jesus.
Just as I have seen so many friend’s testimonies where chains were broken and FREEDOM rescued them.
Even myself. I know deep in my heart that the same kind of freedom will rescue the hearts of my Family and Korean Families too.

Here in this website, I have listed some pages of the Cause of where Domestic Violence & Abuse stems from in a Korean Family.